Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About Aran Knitting and Stitches

Really getting into creating the beautiful heavily textured Aran knitting stitches. There is nothing like making a knit stitch with your own two hands, especially ones rich in culture and meaning!

Here is some amazing info I found about aran knitting.

Aran sweater designs are rich in symbolism. Some examples follow:
  • Cable stitches represent fishing ropes.
  • The plaited cable stitch evokes the powerful imagery of the interweaving of family life.
  • Moss stitches represent the rich and abundant growth of the mossy soil.
  • Diamond stitches signify the shape of the fishing net mesh, a symbol of wealth and success.
  • Honeycomb stitches represent the rewards of a good life.
  • Trinity stitches represent ancient and religious beliefs.
  • Blackberry stitches have religious and natural connotations.
Stitches such as lobster clawspoon and basket are symbolic of the way of life of the knitters.

Here are some great free aran knitting patterns