Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rubi + Lana Closed

Today I went on a mission to get some wonderful lace weight yarn for a gorgeous 1940's lace top pattern that calls for something exquisite and refined. I read rave reviews on the web about this yarn shop Rubi + Lana in Gordon. So with my mother and toddler in tow, I packed them all into the car and off we went down the yellow brick road (Pacific HWY) to buy the yarn of my dreams.

Sadly when I got there to my shock and horror was 21...I checked the address again and yes there it was row upon rows of spectacles in the place of my beloved hanks of yarn. I asked people as they walked past if they had any idea where this shop was, what happened to it? did they move? most had no clue, another lovely lady informed me that when they closed last year they left no forwarding address, so it was not to be.

Yesterday I hit Championship textiles in Newtown, my local. It is an unfortunate fact that I can never find anything that really grabs me there. I don't know if it is because everything is strewn around willy nilly with no love, care or thought or that when I do finally find something there is only one ball left. Maybe I should just heed the advice of the shop assistant there and buy online. It's just that online I have to wait for my order to arrive AND I don't get to feel the texture, it is just surprise here is what you just paid for and if you no like it too bad.

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