Monday, July 13, 2009

Unraveling Gone Wrong

I was hit by the unraveling bug, I found a beautiful vintage blouse pattern that called for super fine yarn and I thought: Why not go through my own closet to unravel something I no longer use very much. Then I found a gray Sweater made up of 96% lambswool, oh so soft to touch...Perfect! I don't really use this anymore as it is and with a vision of something much nicer in that soft gray yarn I began to take the sweater apart.

Once the whole thing was dismembered I began the relaxing unraveling process:

Which turned out not to be relaxing at all because this 1 ply fiber breaks up all over the place and I can't get it to come apart without breaking.

So now I no longer have that sweater and cannot do anything with the yarn :(
Moral of the story: I still have A LOT to learn about fibers and what I have realized is that for the moment I should stay away from unraveling 1 ply yarn.

UPDATE: 20.07.2009
I do indeed need to learn a lot more about fiber. After trying to disassemble this gorgeous sweater made of 45% angora, 35% lambswool and 20% Nylon:

I realized that it was not coming apart because it is.... FELTED! and the same thing has happened to the one above! So basically there is NO WAY these things are going to unravel well if at all.

At least I learn something new everyday. Now I am looking at learning how to make felted projects, that way I remain ECO friendly and nothing goes to waste! Plus I reallllllly like the colours and texture of these sweaters.

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